Sleep Apnea & Hypertension

KNOW...About Sleep Apnea and Hypertension...

  • Sleep Apnea is associated with significant risk of HTN even after controlling for known confounding parameters
  • Sleep Apnea leads to HTN in a dose-response relationship
  • 83% of Refractory Hypertension patients have significant Sleep Apnea
  • JNC7 recognizes Sleep Apnea as an important cause of hypertension
  • A large percentage of these patients remain undiagnosed

ASK...HTN patients a few simple questions on how they sleep...

  • Do you snore?
  • Do you wake to urinate?  How many times?
  • Do you feel tired after sleeping?
  • Do you fall asleep during mundane activities? (reading, watching TV)

REALIZE...Positive outcomes when diagnosed Sleep Apnea is treated w/CPAP...

  • Reduced daytime BP in Apnea patients
  • Effectively reduced systolic BP in refractory HTN patients w/OSA
  • Normalized nocturnal BP pattern in non-dipper OSA population
  • Reduced the need for anti-hypertensive drugs in patients with refractory HTN